Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Milk or Refried Beans?

I have a friend...we'll call her "Josette." She always poses the question, "Which do you prefer more - milk or refried beans?" If you're like the majority of the world I'm sure your answer would be milk. If you're a bit of a strange cat then your answer would be refried beans. Here are my qualms with her ultimatum:
  1. Milk and refried beans don't even fall into the same category of food
  2. Regardless of what Josette says, I don't even think Mexicans eat refried beans. I'm pretty sure the beans they eat are not refried...or even fried once for that matter. But I could be wrong...
  3. Milk is more versatile then refried beans. You can find an application for it in nearly every meal.
  4. Refried beans have a limited amount of uses: side dish (usually with melted cheese on top).
So here is my question for you:
Have you ever ate mayo by the spoonful?

she's a bestie for sure.


Collette said...

Sick...mayo by the spoonful?

You guys are hilarious (and I don't even know Josette).

Jeanna said...

Um milk, please!

Never by the spoonful....but I have a husband who has offended my many-a-time by doing just that.

Josette said...

um, what? okay. so. i have so much to say, but i will just say that i hardly ever eat refried beans, and that is how much i detest milk. that is plain milk...ya know, just gulping down a big ol' glass of milk. nasty! the smell, the taste. all bad things.
as for the mayo...i CANNOT believe that one would ever eat it by the spoonful...i am gagging as i type this.
readers of brit's blog: i think brit needs an intervention with the whole mayo thing...who's with me???
so many more people like refried beans over milk...just sayin.

Andrea said...

I have to say I think Kevin would vote refried beans over milk. He avoids milk except for a tiny teaspoon over cereal, just enough to make it slightly damp. And he likes mayo enough that he just might eat a spoonful without too much convincing.