Sunday, March 28, 2010

Y... for Yosemite! It's good enough for me!

Other places we visited during our spring break road trip:

Oregon Coast

Redwood Forest

California Coast

San Francisco

Oakland Temple

Other pictures for your viewing pleasure:

ghost car

sexy mountain man Wyatt (okay, this one is for my viewing pleasure...)


Andrea said...

See? What have you to complain about? At least living in Portland, you have a ton of places to visit and a ton of things to do within reasonable drives. Think how limited it was in Chicago. I'm jealous. Love the ghost car picture!

Jeanna said...

Now that you've been inside the Oakland temple, dontcha wish you had been old enough to see it when H. and I got sealed? :) Love that temple, miss the chandelier.

Great pics, love road trips. Ok, not so much driving as getting away from reality.

Our spring break is next week.....hmmmmm, what will they do?

Team Carroll said...

You took some gorgeous pictures. Love the waterfall especially! Looks like you had a great time!

Josette said...

FUN! I love SF. Wyatt should go to school in CA so we can come visit you there!! HAHAHAHA. Sorry, not funny...I need to stop with the whole CA thing. Love all the pictures. Ghost Car is RAD.