Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hawaii: Week Two

I think this pictures sums up my feelings on Hawaii pretty well

So... our camera broke. It was such a silly way that it broke too. Both Wyatt and I are kicking ourselves for being so careless. We bought a small water-proof-pocket-thingy that holds our bus passes, credit cards, cash, and camera all while not getting them wet. Well, we got a little too brave and started taking pictures of ourselves in the water (might as well since we had our camera in the water (in the water-proof-thingy) anyway) and next thing we know an unexpected wave comes in and submerges our camera under water. And now it doesn't work. Sad. It's beyond me how Wyatt's Bluetooth headset can withstand an entire wash cycle in the washing machine but our camera can't handle a little (maybe a lot?) of water. As a result we spent nearly the entire day yesterday making the trek to the nearest Costco for a new camera... only to find out they no longer sell the one we wanted to buy (a waterproof Fuji). BUST!

As a side note, the bus has been GREAT for getting around Laie, especially up to the North Shore. It has not been so great to get to any "big" town - any with WalMart and Costco. We spent all last Tuesday getting to and from WalMart - only to find out that it wasn't a super center and the prices weren't any better than the ones in Laie. And of course yesterday was a waste of time since we left without a camera. I talk as if we are short on time... Still, who wants to spend unnecessary amount of hours on a bus when they could be playing at the beach?

Plan B was to buy one on Amazon but after we made the purchase it said it wouldn't ship until next Monday. And then it would take another five or so days to get here. No good. So we canceled the order and found one on (just like ours) Craigslist for $45. I like this option the best. The downside... it's located in Honolulu. Which means another ALL-DAY trip on the bus. I am really hoping the needs to come up to the North Shore for some reason and can meet us somewhere up here. Otherwise, we're going to have to take our fancy camera with us to the beach. And that means we won't be able to leave our stuff unsupervised on the beach.

That has been the news of the week. Everything else is status quo - beaching it nearly every day. Oh, we did finish-up orientation for volunteering at the PCC. Our official first day was last night. We're helping out in the dining area for the nightly buffet. Wyatt and I both have mixed feelings about our experience. I will comment more on this later when I have had more opportunities to evaluate what we're doing exactly.

In other conversation, I am HAPPY to say that I have read TWO books and am in the middle of my third! I have MISSED reading and am thrilled that I finally have all the time in the world to do so. Maybe I have my priorities listed differently than most but while I was working full-time I just couldn't seem the time to sit down and read a book. I finally had to use an alternative method to get the job done and listen to books on CD while driving in my car. Which is quite enjoyable but still not the same as actually reading a book. The last book I read was in Costa Rica - "Remember Me" by Sophie Kinsella (which was a fun light-read book).

Last week I finished "Cold Sassy Tree" and I polished off "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society" in two days (the book I was supposed to read with my book club last year but it wasn't available on CD). Now I'm in the midst of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" one I've read before and LOVE.

If you're at all interested, here are my book reports:
Cold Sassy Tree - I knew nothing about this book when I started reading it. My friend Jen (marathon Jen) loaned it to me when I told her I was in need of something to read while in Hawaii. I really truly enjoyed myself the entire time I read it. It takes place in Georgia during the early 1900's and I think it paints the perfect portrait of what it must've been like to live in that part of the country during that era. The story is told by a 14-year-old boy, Will Tweedy, and I just loved hearing things told from his perspective. Especially his constant dwelling on kissing! It's a good story about family, life and death. If you're looking for a good story you won't be disappointed with this one.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Creatively written, this story is told through letters. It takes place in England (London and Guernsey Island) post-WWII. About a young author and her correspondence with the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Light-hearted in many ways it did a great job touching upon the affects of war, as well as life during war. My only grip, I kind of feel like the authors felt like they needed to wrap up the book and that the ending was a bit rushed. Even so, I enjoyed the book. Another recommendation from me to you.

I only packed three books with me and seeing that I'm half-way threw my third book I need some recommendations on what to read next. Hoping that I can find a book store close to Laie so that I don't need to spend another entire day on the bus to find a good read. Please let me know if you have something you liked and think I would like too. I have three more weeks and will need something to entertain me while at the beach... and on the bus.

More pictures to enjoy:


Dan said...

This is torture. If you stay another 5 weeks Minna and I will join you.

Jeanna said...

I'm with Dan.

I called the other day, just to talk to someone who was probably on the beach. I needed a virtual holiday. :)

Josette said...

seriously, if we could drive there...we would. we're pro road trippers now!! i'm so glad you are having fun (duh, like you wouldn't). and glad you are enjoying some reading. books that i have recently finished that i enjoyed...the help, a room with a view, the sweetness at the bottom of the pie, jane eyre. i like to go to the classics that i haven't read yet...sometimes disappointing, but still, they are classics, right?

Phoebe said...

I have also been ona reading marathon, but not because I am at the beach-boohoo.

The Help-Excellent!
Maisie Dobbs Mysteries- (this is a series, start at the beginning)
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind - a good light read and it is also a series
I also loved The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and the sequel just came out.

Good luck!

Julie J. said...

I think you should read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. The third one out Aug. 24th.

Abbie said...

1) I can't believe you made your swimsuit! They are gorgeous!
2) I can't believe you're in Hawaii!
3) Jealous
4) So glad you are doing this. Seriously, when you are raising your kids you will be so glad that you were able to experience so many awesome things before they came.
5) Jealous

Jen said...

Hi! It's marathon Jen here. Love that nickname. Please have me remind you what someone else called me who saw me running (it's a funny story). OK! Yay for your beaching it! Boo for bus rides and Walmarts in Hawaii. I am glad you loved the book, I am reading "Leaving Cold Sassy" now, the sequel, which she died before finishing. So, I will let you know. I, too, loved Guernsey. I second Phoebe with the Maisie Dobbs and Sweetness at the bottom of the pie, and need to check out her other recs. She is a super reader. I am loving living vicariously through you, so keep up the posting. I do, however, need you to come back soon so you can get my big butt back into gear! Miss you!

The Babkm5 said...

If you think the my opinion has changed it hasn't....I am still jealous, so thanks for more salt in the wound...haha!

Thanks for the lovely pictures anyway!