Friday, August 6, 2010

Hawaii: Week Four and Five

We're home! I now see how people can get "stuck" in Hawaii because I was tempted more than once to spend the next four years on the island of Oahu as my sweet hubby slaves away at dental school. Hawaii really has a way of drawing you in so you NEVER want to leave! The good news is that we came home to summer in Oregon and, as I've said a hundred times before, I LOVE summer! We were greeted Thursday morning with blue skies... AND warm temperatures! Happy day! I like to look at it as a tender mercy of sorts. So even though I miss Hawaii I'm not too heart broken about enjoying Oregon's best season. Though the Lake Grove swim park (as much as I love it (and I'm not being sarcastic - it really is my favorite place in Oregon)) doesn't really compare to the beaches of the North Shore. Sigh. (cloudy + smelly + lake water < clear + non-smelly < ocean).

I think I've become quite the snob. Even being Waikiki was disappointing since it was over crowded with people, the water was infested with sunscreen, and the sand was as hard as concrete. Yeah, big snob. I'm just saying if you have the opportunity to spend time on the island of Oahu, go to the North Shore. You won't be disappointed.

I've had several people ask me how our trip was since we returned home. It's kind of hard to to maintain one's attention when there isn't anything terribly exciting to report... seeing that we spent the majority of our five-weeks on the beach...swiming. Don't get me wrong, it was really nice. But not a very grabbing narrative. And now I'll finish off the last two weeks of our trip with pictures. (If you'd like to see more pictures from our trip, take a look at our Facebook pages. Or if you're really crazy, we can invite you over and give you a personal slide show). Enjoy...

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I have no regrets about quitting my job and taking off for paradise. I am certain I will not be contacted about being the poster model for provident living. I just wanted to add this part because I was thinking about my old job the other day and had this overwhelming feeling of relief wash over me that I no longer have to think about it. My burden has been lifted, and I'm poor. Here's to finding a job that I like! Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I am glad you are back on the mainland. Your attention had a tendency to drift AWAY from me. And, that is NOT good when I am so needy.

Just sorry the ONLY 17 hour layover I have ever had in Portland came during the time you were in Hawaii. Oh, well. I ate waffles by myself--and still enjoyed them!

Love, Momma

Josette said...

that went fast!! now what? a job? booooooo!
it looks like paradise...thanks for sharing!

The Babkm5 said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures!! They were great, and hearing your stories were too! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

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