Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were supposed to make our annual trip to Hood River last weekend for the Edelweiss Festival. However, Wyatt was overwhelmed with the thought of two exams the following week, that we decided it'd be better for everyone if we postponed the trip a week. The good news is, we missed the terrible weather from our originally planned weekend. The bad news, we had the same terrible weather on our trip. I guess it was only a matter of time before our good fortune (three years of perfectly blue skies) ran dry.

Here we are overlooking Mt. Saint Helen's at our favorite cookie stop - Packers. They seriously have the BEST coconut macaroons I've ever had. Wyatt is in love with their black and white cookies. They usually have a 20-cookie spread with plenty of bite-sized samples to enjoy seconds. However, this time around they FORGOT to keep the samples supplied and we were greeted with crumbs! Can you believe it?! I know! So after Wyatt and I paid for our 10-dollars worth of cookies the lady slowly started to break the cookies one-by-one. So we decided to slowly follow her one-by-one and partake of the delish cookie samples. I'm sure we appeared to be a couple of free-loaders. But need I remind her that we already spent !0-dollars on her cookies? I didn't think so.

Since the clouds were too low to enjoy the vibrant colors of the beautiful fall scenery, we focused all our efforts on buying apples. We ended up buying five boxes (roughly 40-pounds each)! Don't you worry, we were on an errand and three of those boxes were for other people. They had 25-cent/pound apples that we loaded-up on for making applesauce. Now I'm not an applesauce connoisseur but if the apples are good enough to make fresh apple juice, surely they're good enough for some homemade applesauce. Really, how could they not be? How could you go wrong with mashed-up, cooked apples? Ask me if I still feel the same after I finish canning...

Did I mention that on top of the rain it was FREEZING cold? I had little ice cube fingers by the time we were done picking apples from the barrels. I've reminded my friend that she now owns "blood apples". You know, like blood diamonds?

After our rendezvous to Hood River we prepped our car for our ward's annual Trunk-or-Treat. Let me preface by saying, I think this year's car costume was a total FLOP! I promise, this is not me fishing for compliments. We had such a great idea but FAILED TERRIBLY to execute it! I don't know if we didn't have enough time, or if the weather had an affect, or what - it just simply was no good at all.

We decided to dress Sam (my car) up as a flying saucer. Wyatt had the great idea of using tent poles to create a round frame. Then we decided to use white plastic table clothes (thank you dollar store!) to cover the frame. Glow-in-the-dark bracelets were used to accessorize and a terrible antenna on top (many commented that it reminded them of the flux-capacitor from Back to the Future). Lastly, we positioned two stuffed pandas in the front seats with makeshift space helmets. See, doesn't this all sound like it'd make a great car costume? Yeah, we thought so too. But this is what we ended-up with...

Again, I'm not fishing for compliments, so don't go telling me that it looks good because the pictures make it look even worse than it really was. (If you can believe that...) If you need some more convincing, check out our efforts from years past: 2007 (our favorite), 2008, 2009. See?!

I think the part that was most perplexing is the amount of compliments we received on our own individual costumes. Really, we looked nothing like the "space rangers" we were supposed to be (if we weren't standing next to our flying saucer). Wyatt maybe. But me? No. Not to mention that there really was NO effort put into our individual costumes. And compared to all the exceptional costumes of our fellow ward members, we were really pale in comparison. I was amazed at the kinds of ideas people came up with. Not to mention their ability to execute their ideas with such perfection.

I think we both decided after this years Trunk-or-Treat flop, that'd we'd scrape our car costume and work on our own individual costumes. My vote is for Bert and Ernie. Wyatt thinks he vetoes it... but I won't let him. We shall see what Halloween 2011 brings.


Jeanna said...

I can see how this could have been fantastic. The first pic looked pretty good, but the second pic looked either like a hot tub with some panda bathers (you know the hot tubs with the fun lights?) or one of those temporary showers for scrubbing those who have been exposed to life-threatening chemicals. :)

I don't care if your idea flopped or not, I just think it rocks that every year you take Halloween as seriously as it should be taken! :)

Josette said...

i think it looks better without the glowing lights. i do like it though...much better then what we had. we just pulled our car up and opened our trunk and BAM, there ya have it. it exhausts me to think of you decorating your car. i think billy's halloween scroogyness is rubbing off on me.
how's the applesauce?

Andrea said...

After checking out your 2007 & 2008 pics, I'd say, Yeah! You set the bar way high--I think my fav was '08. I, too, saw the flux-capacitating hot tub. But I agree with Josette--you get an A for effort in my book, and far better than nothin'.

Jen said...

Well, I SAW the car, and it was cool. Much cooler than anything we came up with. Which was nothing. Really. Jon didn't even decorate, he just took our candy bowl to someone else's car with the Ducks game on the radio and handed it out there. Lame. So, you get an A for effort and an A for AWESOME. Silly. Glad you had fun and got tons of apples. I am jealous about the cookies. I love black and white cookies. I have been craving them since my trip to NY.

The Babkm5 said...

you guys crack me up! Love the car! That is awesome! Glad that we got to hang out with you! Don't stay away too long!