Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet Klaus

After weeks of patiently waiting, I was finally able to adopt the newest member of our family - Klaus.

I first met Klaus at TJ Maxx when my mom was in town visiting. It was she who introduced us. Rescuing him from the heap of winter accessories he was so carelessly tossed into. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew we were meant to be together. Even the classy lady, shopping close by, admitted we were a match made in heaven.

(bumming around downtown Seattle)

However, he was a high price to pay and I couldn't swallow the costly ticket to make him mine. I began listing the options in my mind, determining the most plausible solution to my plight. Of course! I would exercise my rights as a customer and use the 30-day return policy in my favor! Surely I could secure the funds I needed to make Klaus forever mine in thirty days.

(enjoying one of the twelve donuts Wyatt bought me for Valentine's Day)

That first night I brought Klaus home, Wyatt expressed his voice of concern. “Real fox fur?” he would say, “We live in Portland. Someone is surely to douse you with red paint.” I stifled his unease with sound reasoning. “It’s not like I bought Klaus at a fur store. I’m not perpetuating the demand. Instead, I am saving the fox’s dignity. It did not die in vain because I decided to purchase Klaus at a secondary store. Imagine had I not bought Klaus, he could very well end up on the next shipment to Africa. An unwanted item, forced to become a donation.”

“But 70-dollars?” was Wyatt’s next dispute. My rebuttal was simple, “I’m going to return him in thirty days.” Though Wyatt didn’t know it (but I’m sure was very aware of the possibility) that I had every intention to keep Klaus.

(exploring the Seattle Public Library as Wyatt maintains his usual heavy reading)

The days passed as I formulated a plan to rescue Klaus from bonds of TJ Maxx. First, I determined I would sell my shoes. Surely someone out there would want to purchase them. I listed them on eBay allowing fait (and the free market) to determine their value. Next, the most serendipitous thing happened. I was granted a 25-dollar Visa gift card from my work! The gift card alone would result in a 35-percent savings!
(so that is where Oregon is...)

I counted the days until the online auction would reveal my earnings. Finally, a $30 price tag was agreed upon. That meant an additional 43-percent savings! I knew that although Wyatt (or I for that matter) would not agree to a $70 fox fur hat, he couldn’t say no to a $15 fox fur hat. So, with Wyatt’s blessing, I made my way back to TJ Maxx to officially adopt Klaus. I returned him at the $70 value and immediately repurchased him using my $25 Visa gift card and $30 earnings from eBay. Finally the papers were signed and Klaus was mine forever!

And we lived happily ever after…

(don't tell Wyatt I posted this picture, he specifically told me not to)

I consider myself a very conservative person. I am of the bread that has a set value for each article of clothing I buy and refuse to purchase anything for more than my predetermined price. Jeans: $25 or less. Shoes: $20 or less. Shirts: $15 or less. So it is beyond me why I was so determined to purchase a hat for $70. It was very much uncharacteristic of me to become so impulsive. Really, I get buyers remorse when I purchase our weekly groceries!

However, it is the advice my mom has continued to give me over the years. The same advice my friend Phoebe continues to reinforce: “Sometimes you have to ask yourself, ‘will this bring me joy?’, and if the answer is ‘yes’, hold onto it forever.” You better believe Klaus, my fox fur hat, brings me joy! And I can guarantee he will be hugging my head tight for many years to come.

And for the record, Wyatt told me that he thinks I look very cute in my new hat! All is well in the Wilson home!


Jeanna said...

I like your story and I like Klaus. But I have to admit, I am surprised that someone living in Portland would purchase real fox. I think the only thing you have going for you is the assumption that all Portlandians must have that surely anyone living there would NEVER wear real fur.

Go forth and wear your hat in JOY!

Phoebe said...

I still can't believe that you, one of the most frugal gals I know, bought the $70 hat. But I am glad that it brings you joy. Embrace it!

Andrea said...

You and Klaus make a striking couple!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole story--especially the outcome.

Good advice--well taken!

Love, Momma

PS You looked adorable from the minute you put the hat on in TJMAXX. Truly meant to be.

Josette said...

congrats on klaus! good to finally put a face to the name. i too am very surprised that YOU would spend 70 bucks for a is so not a brittany thing to do. BUT, you deserve it. i like purchases like this.

Gel said...

I love the hat!!! Can I hire you to make me a swimsuit!The ones you made last year were so cute too!

Ashley said...

Love your story. Obviously Wyatt doesn't read the blog that often or he'd see that picture you posted. Also, in the first picture your hair looks so dark that I couldn't even tell where the hat ended and your hair began. But then, voila Klaus appeared in all his glory.

bontovi said...

you are my kind of girl! frugal, yet determined:). Klaus is worth it! you look awesome!