Saturday, February 5, 2011

String of Events

There is more to my life than funeral planning. I'll prove it!

Two-weeks ago I received a phone call from my momma seeing if she could visit us for the weekend. Of course I said "yes!" and as a result we had a fun-filled weekend. Poor Wyatt had to study, so it was just Mom and me painting the town. Since it was an impromptu visit, we didn't have anything planned. I just dragged Mom around with me to run my errands. And we ate like we were in hog heaven! It was wonderful! Of course, the only picture I have to document her visit is the terrible self-taken shot at the temple.

We also went shopping at TJ Maxx where I met Klaus for the first time. (More about him to come later...) We also went to the fabric store and found a cute spandex print to make my latest swimsuit. Mom helped me design the pattern, which was a HUGE help since it's easier to do with four hands (especially when two of them aren't my own!) Thanks for your help Momma! I love you! Here is what the finished product looks like:

I was aiming for a retro 50's style. However, Wyatt informed me that it reminds him of a little girl's swimsuit. Humpf! Oh well. I'm still happy with the outcome. My only bit of frustration is that I made it a tad-bit too small. In the sense that if I gain more then five pounds it'll be too small. Waaa!

I finished my swimsuit just in time for Wyatt's family's annual adventure. This year his parents rented the entire local community swim center! Yay! I would share the picture of Wyatt and me together, but Wyatt requested that I not share a picture of him in his swim trunks on the world wide web. Instead, here is a picture of me on the rope swing...

Wyatt's family was also in town to celebrate his Gramma Beasley's 90th birthday! You read it, 90! Her kids planned a birthday party and invited anyone and everyone who knew Gramma. It was a wonderful celebration seeing all of the people and lives she's touched in her lifetime. I think the party made her week, month, year, and life! She was on Cloud 9 the entire afternoon! It also made me feel so lucky that even I have been able to be a part of Gramma's life. And most importantly, the influence that she has had in Wyatt's life. I know he is a better person because of her. We love you Gramma Beasley!

That pretty much sums-up the past two-weeks of my life. Not the most exciting two-weeks but pleasant none-the-less. And two-weeks I wouldn't want to trade for anything else!


Tysha said...

love the swimsuit! bring on summer :)

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh....bad, bad picture of us is right!

But love the swimsuit. I'm glad it turned out so you were pleased with the outcome.

Am just putting the finishing touches for my fabulous lesson tomorrow for which I got the idea at YOUR Relief Society. So, it was a double-good visit.

Next impromptu visit we will do the pedicure like you suggested. That would be fun.

Love, Momma

Abbie said...

OMG. Cutest swimsuit ever!! I can't believe that the two of you made it. So talented! I didn't realize your mom (and you) was a seamstress. I should have assumed it ran in the family. So fun to hang out with the fam isn't it?

Andrea said...

That's so funny that Wyatt didn't want you to post a picture of him on the www. Um, what about all those Hawaii pics?

Jen said...

I would like you to design my next suit! And, the great family time sounds just divine! Cute Mom and darling gramma! Love it! I also think you should design a suit for Wyatt. Maybe a matching spandex. And, then he will have to wear it for a photo shoot to be posted on the world wide web! You are ridiculously talented, and I'd better never hear anything to the contrary again.

Josette said...

love the new swimsuit! i think it is so funny that of all things you choose to make swimsuits??? that would be the last thing i would make. just sayin. so fun to hang with your mom! glad she could visit.

The Babkm5 said...

I wish my mom would call up and say she was coming to see us. I need help with laundry.haha

the swinsuit is cute and looks like you guys had fun at the pool!