Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Summer that Never Came

Here it is, August 10th, and we have had roughly 15-days over 80-degrees since the start of summer. 15! And things are looking pretty dim for the upcoming ten-day forecast. I know, I know, I am obsessed with the weather. I'm not going to deny it, I am. But frankly when you've been counting down the days until your favorite season and it doesn't have the decency to show-up, you too might be on the verge of a hysterical break-down.

Wyatt said it best when he said, "Oh, Fourth of July must be around the corner". Because it feels like we're in eternal spring here in the Pacific Northwest!

So for all my bloggy readers that are amidst a heat wave, just take a moment and think of me and my suffering (I'm not being dramatic, I am suffering). Would you rather that your heater automatically turn on in the heart of July? Or that you needed your heated blanket in the middle of August? Because your dreams could come true if you simply lived in Oregon!

Let me just say that my worst nightmare has come true. And that I am still waiting for summer to start as of August 10th. And that La Nina is officially on my bad side. I hate her so much!

PS - I wasn't lying about the heater or the heated blanket. Both of these events did take place in my home this "summer". I feel so sorry for myself that I could cry.

PPS - It's no wonder that no one reads my blog anymore. All I do is talk about the weather... I guess that is what my world revolves around.

PPPS - I was going to blog about how I know of 66 women that have been/are pregnant this year. And how 53% of the babies are boys, 41% are girls, and 6% are unknown. And how April, June, and July were the most popular months to have a baby this year. And how 34% are first-time mothers, 21% had baby number two, babies three and four both had 17% of the pie, 11% had five or more. Yes, I am a nerd and have been tracking the stats in my trusty excel workbook. I know more than 66 women but I got tired of tracking and stopped. That is a lot of babies!


Josette said...

oh my poor little brit! are you seriously serious? not about the weather...nothing new there (hehe) but seriously serious about you tracking your pregnant friends on excel? you are a nut. i mean i knew you were pretty quirky, but you're nutty. you should come to utah to get outta your deep dark weather depression. it's hot here. call me when you get here!

Jasher said...

Let's see...sunny in the low to mid 70s, or sunny in the mid 90s for 15 days in a row. I'd take Portland weather!! :)

You track this stuff?? you make pivot charts of this stuff for your analysis? Crazy! But at least you stopped tracking at 66...which is about 73 more than I would track!! ;)

Kelsey said...

All I want for our birthday is warm sun for you. Ok and french fries, but mostly just sun.

Anonymous said...

You have now had two "official" no-summer years in your life. The first was 1984 in Berlin. You weren't even two years old, running around in summer clothes in freezing weather while we were waiting for our packed goods to arrive. The Germans thought I was one crazy mother not to put sensible clothes on my kids when we could see our breath. HAHAHHA

Love, Momma

PS can't wait for my mini-vac with you next week in Portland, cool weather or not.

The Babkm5 said...

I guess I am part of that 11% of women with 5 kiddos, and 6% of the unknown sex of the baby. hehe! I totally feel ya when it comes to the so called Oregon summers. They SUCK!! hahaha. It's not just you :) miss seeing u guys! we HAVE to get together before baby #5 comes!

bontovi said...

you're hilarious!!! i love how you track pregnant women. we need to have a chat about the weird things people do to keep sane in the midst of Oregon's gloom. yes. i'm calling you weird;). but that's why i LOVE ya!