Thursday, January 9, 2014


Pre-Ro, Wyatt referred to babies as "miserable little creatures."  And in turn, we have a brother-in-law who says babies are only miserable little creatures until they're four-months old.  At which point, their personality begins to surface and they become fun.  

Ro is officially fun!  Though, I have never thought Ro was a miserable little creature.  And I'm nearly certain Wyatt never thought he was either.  I am in love with this little boy!  

A few things about Ro:  He loves bath-time!  Most likely because he thoroughly enjoys being naked (or "nakie" or "pants off, dance off" as we like to call it).  He's fickle when it comes to entertainment.  He'll laugh at something we do one day, and the next he's "so over it."  He's so vein, he probably thinks this post is about him...and he enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.  He likes being carried in the laundry basket, on top of the laundry.  He likes putting things in his mouth: his hands, burp rags, toys, our fingers, anything he can get his mouth on.  He loves "talking" and will babble for minutes on end.  And, he loves Dr. Craft!  He was totally hamming it up with Dr. Craft during his appointment on Tuesday.  

Speaking of appointments, here is how Ro measures-up at four-months old: Weight; 17lbs. 2oz (84%), Height; 27-inches (96%), and Head Circumference; 17.5-inches (97%).  So Ro has leaned-out some, or more accurately, grown into his thickness.  Though, he is still very thick.  I love those thunder thighs!!!

Yep, Ro's a keeper!

In other news, we have new temple bags!  We found two vintage suitcases for 50-cents each at a garage sale last summer.  The catch, they smelled very musty.  So I tried airing them out.  Nope.  And then I Fabreezed them.  Nope.  And then I tried absorbing the smell (of must plus Fabreeze - YUCK) with baking soda.  Nope.  And then I wiped them out with vinegar.  Nope.  And then I ripped out the old linings and painted the cardboard with Shellac.  FINALLY!   I originally had wanted to keep the original lining but now that I relined them, I'm happy with the results.  Mine is the blue suitcase, and Wyatt's is the green.  

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Unknown said...

That Ro--what a cutie! Nice job with the suitcases! Sassy!!!