Saturday, February 15, 2014

They Grow Up So Fast...

I know, it's totally cliche to say Ro is growing up fast.  But, it's true.  Ro hit five-months while we were visiting my family in Colorado, so his monthly photo shoot was delayed by six-days.  I don't think there is that much of a difference between five-months-old Ro and five-months-and-six-days-old Ro.  But maybe there is?

Ro and I had a wonderful trip to Colorado, filled with family and friend visits.  In fact, it was the first time since my wedding all Nichols siblings were in the same city.  The crazy part - it was completely unplanned and very much coincidental.  Especially since the three out-of-towner siblings went to Colorado for three completely different reasons.  And none of us knew we'd be together until a few days before we were.  It was a nice treat!  

Since this is my blog, I get to say whatever I want.  And I think Ro is the best baby ever.  Seriously, he is soooo mellow!  As in he rarely fusses or cries.  Rarely.  He's very tolerant of my craziness and lets me dress him in cozy bear suits, and allows me to drag him with me wherever I go without any complaint - including long runs in the freezing cold or rain, just to name a few examples.  Even when I KNOW he is dead tired, or hungry (like the time I forgot to feed him (I know, parent of the year award!)), and he still doesn't cry.  He deserves the Baby of the Year award for sure.

Ro has been oodles of fun!  He learned to rollover, front-to-back, last week and loves showing off his new trick at any opportunity.  He LOVES playing peek-a-boo, and will laugh and laugh every time we play it with him.  Ro started taking "big people" baths while he was in Colorado.  At first he was unsure about the whole thing...until he discovered he could splash water when he kicks.  Now he thoroughly enjoys "big people" baths.  And speaking of the water, he started swim lessons yesterday.  I can't think of anything more cute than a baby floating solo in a swimming pool.  Which Ro has done - with very close supervision of course.  And arm float rings.  I dunked him in the pool several times - completely emerged.  Ro's not sure what to think...currently he's leaning toward not liking it.  However, I think once he learns how to breath, he'll love it.  He really does enjoy everything else about the swim lesson; he just needs to learn that "bubbles" means he's going to get dunked.

Anyway, Ro is a true cutie!  We sure do love him to pieces!

Ro with Nuper, five-months

Momma G

Grandpa Ross and Grandma Maria

Uncle Brice

Aunt Judy

First time eating ice cream

Cousins: Cameron, Savannah, Cheyenne, Chardonnay, Mackson

Uncle Harold and Aunt Jeanna

Aunt Burgandy

The Sibs: Brice, Harold, Schuyler, Brittany, Mom, Burgandy

All the Cousins: Briggs, Orion, Cameron, Cheyenne, Roosevelt, Jeremy, Chardonnay, Mackson, Savannah

Papa Lou

JoVonne and girls

Tess and Carley

Ro and I brought the snow back with us.  "Winter Storm Orion" had us held-up indoors last weekend.  I love it when this happens!  Which it hasn't since "Winter Blast 2008."

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