Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Or So You Thought...

Many people comment on how much Ro looks like Wyatt.  I'm not disagreeing...Ro does look like Wyatt.  He looks like grown-up Wyatt.  The two-of-them especially share the same facial expressions - most significantly the furrowed brow.  

However, anyone that knows my family knows the truth.  Ro looks like a Nichols.  He has many of the same features as my brothers.  And (!) he looks like me when I was a young pup.  

Don't believe me?  See for yourself.  

Left: Brittany (c. 18-months);  Right: Roosevelt (23-months)

I'd say Ro is the perfect combo!  We'll see how his looks and resemblances change with time.


Jeanna said...

Britty's Twin!!! Such cute side-by-side pics. Wishing we were back on vacay with our favorite Wilsons!

Momma G said...

You pulled one over on me! I have checked this blog site over and over and over with no results beyond the Easter post. I even checked last when I decided to write a little something on my own blog. That was just last week--I'm sure!
Now you are here visiting us in Colorado and showed me the pictures yourself!

Anyway, the picture of you is 12 or 13 months old. It was supposed to be for your first birthday, but time got away from me--even back then!--and you were beyond that milestone day when I finally got you to the photographer. There is one in the picture box of you at age two when we lived in Berlin, taken at the school when the older kids had their school pictures taken. I think you will be even more of a resemblence. Love, Momma