Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ro Turns Two

Ro turned two!!!  Over two-months ago... Yeah, I haven't been so good at my family's current events.  Maybe I should also mention that I'm seven-and-a-half-months pregnant?  That's a whole other post...

Anyway, back to Ro.  He is an awesome kid.  I might be a little bias in my statement.  Though, I don't think by much.  Hey, even the lady at the zoo - who observed Ro for a mere two-minutes - called it like it is (she even mentioned that she sees dozens of kids everyday).  Ro is just an even-tempered, well-behaved, loving, obedient kid.  No credit on my part, he came to us that way.

Ro is growing by leaps and bounds!  Physically, yes.  But more so mentally.  I am blown-away by the things he remembers, knows, does, says.... everything.  He never ceases to amaze me.  Especially the memory bit.  I swear, that kid can see/visit something/somewhere once, and he will remember it for MONTHS to come.  For example, my brother and family visited us way back in June.  They took Ro to Snoqualmie Falls, a tourist attraction 45-minutes from home, while Wyatt and I went on a date.  Fast forward to October when Wyatt, Ro and I went on a leisurely drive and passed-by Snoqualmie Falls.  With ZERO prompting from Wyatt or me, we hear Ro in the backseat say, "Nuh."  (His name for my niece Savannah.)  He remembered the one-time, several months previously, he had visited the falls with my family!  Things like this happen all. the. time.  Maybe every two-year-old is like this?  I have no idea.  Even so, Ro is pretty special to us.

Other interesting things about Ro: he can count to four.  He can "read" the letters A, B, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, U, W, and X.  He knows all the colors of the rainbow.  He knows his opposites.  He knows how to jump with two-feet.  He loves to throw rocks.  He loves to run and race.  He loves to play hide and seek (though he's not very good at it).  He loves all modes of transportation: cars, busses, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, trains, and planes.  He loves the song, "Roar" by Katy Perry.  As well as, "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Suede.  And..."Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift.  (True to stereotype, he is not that into the music Wyatt and I like.)  He loves receiving "box" in the mail...and getting the mail.  He LOVES our neighbors "Mimi" and "Aum" (Mickey and Selam).  He loves swimming, though he's fickle about floating on his back.  He loves fluffy "sleeping bag" coats.  He's a really good helper (clean-up, making food, laundry, and tinkering in the garage with Wyatt).  And, as of last month, he is potty-trained!!!  Whoot, whoot!

Seriously, the list can go I'm sure you can imagine.  Another thing about Ro is that he is super shy.  Almost debilitating.  He clams-up around new people, which usually consists of hugging my leg very tightly.  We go to story-time at the library every Friday and he still clamps-on to me when we walk in the door.  As well as plants himself in my lap, refusing to budge.  And anytime the librarian asks him to participate at the front of the room (in front of all the kids) he refuses to do so with out me holding his hand.  I think Ro got his shyness from Wyatt.  Though, I'm a pretty shy person too.  However, if you visit Ro on his turf, you will see a totally different kid.  At home, Ro is full of energy - playful, energetic, funny, FUN!

I love this kid so much!  I feel so lucky that I get to spend my days with Ro.  I can't imagine anything I'd want to do more.  And I even miss him when we're apart for longer than a few hours.  In fact, I told Wyatt that I wanted a "day-off" for my birthday and Wyatt was happy to oblige and has suggested the opportunity a few times since.  But truthfully, when it comes down to it, I don't want a day-away from Ro.  I'd miss him too much!  (I used to roll my eyes at women that would say this.  Who am I?!)

Happy (belated) Birthday Sweet Boy!  We sure are happy you're a part of our lives!

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Jeanna said...

The memory of "huh" stays with us all! She's hard to forget. :)
Love this post, love the pics, love Ro's list of "loves."
Great kid, great mamma! Oh...we like Wyatt, too. :)
See you soon!! (BTW, my kids asked us to fly them to Oregon to visit you.)