Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 29 Schuyler!!!

Happy Birthday Schuyler!!! I hope you're smiling today the same way you are in the above picture. (Please take note of your VERY cute sister in the background).

I decided to take my cousin Janet's idea and post old-school pictures of my family members on their birthdays. Mostly because I decided to take on a project that may have been too big of a bite for me to chew... I volunteered to take all my family's Christmas slides and turn them into digital files. Imagine over 1,000 slides at a rate of one slide per minute... Yikes! Anyway, the picture I posted yesterday, today (and the one I'll post this next Sunday) were mixed in with all the slides. So I decided to showcase them all to see... Hope you enjoy 1984 - the year the Nichols lived in Berlin.


Anonymous said...

What memories of Berlin these two pictures evoke! This is all the longer Schuyler's hair was after about six weeks, following his self-inflicted haircut the day before he started school in Berlin. Kindergarten, but with the idea he would go to "real" Kindergarten the following year in Arvada with the other kids his age. The cut off date for Deptmartment of Defense Schools was December 1st. Colorado's was September 15th, so Schuyler would have always been among the youngest in his class. He did much better as one of the older ones. And he didn't mind at all riding the big green Army buss every day to and from school. What a doll, just the same age as Jeremy Alan and Orion are now.

I will never forget that darling little orange beanie with the green safety cross he wore to school each day. And, as you can see in the picture, he was wearing his Superman suit as Jeremy's partner. What a duo!

Thanks for taking the time to post these, Britty.
Love, Momma

PS I DID see Pretty Little Britty in the background. And our kitchen, too. We must have had Mexican Build-up for supper that night.

Jeanna said...

Can't wait to see the next edition! Those are some LARGE candles for a cute little small boy, :)

You are a brave, brave girl. I've seen those slides and that is no small task. Just think, you are involved in family history at the tender age of, what are you now? 26? Dang I can't remember. Anyway, doing FH in your 20s is EXCELLENT!

mom/Janet said...

This is fun looking at your pictures from the past. I'm glad I had a good idea that someone could copy. October was a busy month at the Nichols household.

Anonymous said...

Nice............Nobody could ever pull off that dynamic uniform like Jeremy and I could.


P.S. I don't see any cute sister in the background. I just see a bunch of baby blubber sitting in a high chair. I think it has some hair.

Josette said...

awwwe, mini brittany. so cute. i also would like to comment on the very large, the candles are large.

The Babkm5 said...

what a cute idea...I actually just got some pictures from my sister-in-law of me when I was baby. They sure do bring back so many memories