Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 39 Harold!!!!

Happy Birthday Harold!!!! I wish you lots of birthday cake and presents! P.S. Please take note of your very CUTE sister celebrating your birthday with you.


hyker said...

What is it with your family and October birthdays? Sheeeesh! Nice pic. Is it from the Berlin files as well?

Jeanna said...

That is a very cute picture, of you too! This year wasn't so different, we had the Rapiers over and Allison sat on Harold's lap tonight, looking all young and cute, like you are in this pic.

Thanks for the post, I hope Harold had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is a blast from the past! You were really cute at that age. I remember you would make up songs and sing them while you were walking around the house. Funny how that was so many years ago but I remember the house pretty well. I knew it was Berlin as soon as I saw the picture.

I did have a great Birthday! Jeanna always makes me feel special.

Thanks for the tribute!


Anonymous said...

I know Harold was 15 that birthday, so I don't know why there are only 14 candles--did I count wrong? Anyway, he wasn't very old for having taken care of the whole family--laundry and meals include--when I went back to the US for my dad's funeral in August. Even Ross said he was impressed with Harold's ability. That's what a first kid will do--live up to the superhuman expectations put on him by his parents (mother, especially).

Britty always sought Harold out. She knew she was safe from all the rough housing with him. I would often see Schuyler and Britty on either side of Harold when he was sitting on the couch or doing his homework.

Now Harold is the same age as I was when we lived in Berlin. And, I'll bet you thought I was an old codger then, didn't you?

I hope Harold had a day full of many great memories. And much to make new memories with, too. No word of what it was that Jeanna decided to buy him for his big day.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just glanced at Britty on Harold's lap and right to the right of that picture with Wyatt. Still the same cute girl--just a few years in between.

Some people always remain the same.

Love, Momma

mom/Janet said...

Happy belated birthday to Harold. Georgia, if you look at the flames on the candles, you'll see 15. I love these pictures from the past, Britty. Thanks for following my lead.

The Babkm5 said...

that is you in his lap? oh now that I see the picture with wyatt and then look at the baby I see the similarities