Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Big Apple

Wyatt is blogging. This is my first post, my maiden voyage if you will... well, thanks for coming.


Wyatt said...

Wow Wyatt, great post. What would the blogging world do without you?

Jeanna said...

Talking to yourself now Wyatt? Nice.

p.s. I read about a great bed and breakfast joint in portland the other day, too bad it is 800 miles away. :)

Jake said...

Nice tag line and nice self comment.

AJ said...

Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch this video. After the first frame, it kept going back to repeat. Drove me so crazy I finally gave up. Also trying to get to this comment space--just sat there and wouldn't do anything. Now that I am trying to close out my computer and work on my VT letter, it is here. So, I am writing to say it didn't work for me. And, by the way, what does "props" to my friend mean?

Have a good Sabbath. I leave for OKC after Church.

Love, Mom