Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Weekend!!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!!! I think it has a lot to do with the food but also the family and the fact that it's a four day weekend! All of this together makes for the best holiday ever! Below are a few pictures of our fun weekend.

Shotgun shooting with our old Singles Ward Thanksgiving morning. Wyatt was soooooooooo excited for this event. He kept hounding me and reminding me that we were late and only had "x" amount of time to shoot guns. I must say, he does look good - kind of like he knows what he's doing.

Last year on Black Friday Wyatt found a really good deal on a shotgun. When he realized I was upset he spent that much money on a gun (we didn't even need) he told me he bought the gun for me. It was a gift. I'm still not sure if it was originally supposed to be for me.... A year later it makes for a funny story. I'm thinking of naming my gun "Homer." Above is a picture of me shooting MY gun for the first time. The main point I want to emphasize here is that Wyatt looks better shooting guns.

Thanksgiving dinner. We had 14 adults and 9 kids. A far cry from what it has been for me in past Thanksgivings growing up (five Nichols kids, mom and depending on the year maybe an in-law or two). Thanksgiving is still fun regardless of the size of the family.

Showing off my first buko pie. Let me explain why this is a big deal. Wyatt had to open four young coconuts for me using the back of a giant knife. I was pretty worried we weren't going to spend Thanksgiving with all ten of his fingers. Lucky for us, the worst that came of it was a kitchen dotted with pieces of coconut husk and shell (they had been flying through the air at one point).
Buko pie comes from the Philippines. When I was there two years ago (with my sister-in-law Judy's family) we went to Los Banos (the city famous for Buko pie) and stocked up on the pies. I then proceeded to snack on the pie for the remainder of my vacation. Unlike a coconut cream pie, it does not have cream and the coconut is not shredded. The pie is made with fresh coconut meat that is just cut into large pieces. Very, very tasty! At least in the Philippines it is... mine was okay.

Our friend Ryan from Seattle came down for the weekend to visit. We went longboarding along the Willamette river Saturday - above is a picture of him and Wyatt throwing rocks. It was fun and very cold!


Dan said...

I wish I was there to long board and throw rocks.

jeanna said...

When I first read Buko, I thought it was the same as say, "buko bucks" as in a LOT of money. Or a Big Deal. So I figured your pie making was a BIG DEAL. Funny how that was actually the name of the pie.

AJ said...

Where in the heck did you find coconuts?