Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cousin Dale

My cousin Dale is living in Portland (Vancouver) for the summer! Hooray! The three of us decided to celebrate "Portlandom" by participating in the annual event honoring the rose city - the Rose Festival. Basically it consists of white tents setup along the water front, with different food booths and carnival rides. Wyatt brought up a very good point that each event/festival seems to remind you of something very familiar...every other event/festival in Portland. They all seem to have the exact same setup - just with different themes attached to the name. Despite Portland's inability to add variety to the mix (or ability to be very efficient - the unnecessity [is that even a word?{that's right - I did just use parentheses inside parentheses}] of planning the details of each event), we had a great time. We ate an elephant ear and I had someone to go on all the rides with! Yes, Wyatt is very capable of going on all the rides but he got a new camera which he thoroughly enjoyed playing with. Plus he is a bit of a worrier when it comes to carnival rides. Not so much because he is scared of the possibility of the ride coming unbolted from the ground - which in my opinion, actually is a very reasonable reason to worry, but because he gets worried that he will get sick on the ride. I have been on rides with him in the past and he has yet to get sick as, he assumes he will be. However, he is very good at convincing himself he will get sick and creates a flurry of worriedom (is that a word?) and as a result his stomach is so full of nerves that indeed, he does get sick. Does that make sense? Anyway I have posted a few pictures below presenting Dale and me enjoying the rides, as well as the fruits of Wyatt's new hobby.

Portland's littlest park

Dale and me up-side-down on the Inverter (to be said with a deep voice)


Ferris Wheel


mom/Janet said...

Dale said he had a really good time with you and Wyatt. How fun for you guys to get together. Do you remember that you and I are cousins? Weird huh? I was having kids the same time as your mom.

Daledogg said...

Well done Brittany!! I enjoyed it all very much and glad I could be your companion for all the rides. Let's definitely get together again!!