Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peanut Butter and Apples

I've never really been a fan of apples...that is until I discovered the wonderful companion they make to peanut butter. Yum! I usually eat an apple everyday for lunch, IF, I have peanut butter with it. Because the truth of the matter is the apple is merely the vehicle to get the peanut butter to my mouth. Anyway, Wyatt and I went to Trader Joe's about eight or so months ago and discovered Trader Joe's peanut butter. I must admit, I was a bit weary at first, seeing that it was all natural. My apprehension is obvious if you've ever had that Adam's Natural Peanut Butter crap. This stuff is nothing like it. It is so yummy good! I can seriously go through a jar a week! I can't even taste the difference between this and the bad-for-you hydrogenated oil stuff. And the best part is it is it is good for you and cheaper than the bad-for-you stuff. The 16oz. size is about $1.70 or something. Compared to the bad-for-you stuff that costs about $2.50 a pop! So now I can eat all the peanut butter (and apples) I want without feeling guilty...kind of. I guess I'm so excited about this peanut butter is that I'm not typically into "organic" or "natural" things. Actually, I can't think of anything else I eat that is organic or natural. Well, except for natural Cheeto's...which will have to wait for another post...


hyker said...

When I lived with Ken.......I had to eat Adam's PB because that is all he would allow in the house. I got used to it....after awhile. And believe it or not, I still eat it. But now I kinda want to try Trader Joe's. I eat lots of other stuff from there so I may as well give it a try. And apples rock! What is wrong with you?!?!?

Jeanna said...

I used to love Skippy Crunchy, heaven on earth. Then I tried Adams and I really like it. But Harold thinks it is majorly disgusting. I have a jar that I get to keep to myself and that is fine with me. If we had a TJs in our town, I would be shopping there regularly, and I would try their delish PB.

We got a box of apples a christmas gift years and years ago. They were the best durn apples ever. They spoiled me and now I don't really like apples any more. Sad really. But maybe I should update my Adams jar and get some apples, and have myself a PB vehicle, because who doesn't need a PB vehicle?

You must really love it to post about it! :)

Anonymous said...

"Natural"--somehow that equates with Oregonion to me. Don't tell me you are going to become one. Is all it takes is a little step here and there to become so much like the people who get on and off our planes in Portland. For the most part, they are a whole different breed of people. You can tell just by looking at them. They are....I'm not even sure how to describe them. Rough around the edges, maybe.

About PB. I tried that natural crap. For someone who doesn't even like PB in the first place--and thought I would scream some mornings making lunches because when I varied the paper bag menu I got flak "tomorrow can I have a PB sandwich?"--the natural was even worse.

I do take individual Skippy thingies for when I need a LITTLE protein and there is no food in sight on my trips.

Apples are not the best anytime, anyway. Unless someone peels them for me and cuts them into wedges. Then I can handle them. If I eat an actual apple, bite into it and eat it, I recognize that I am actually starving.

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

I love Adam's PB!! Although I usually get the kind you make yourself, not that I want to be all natural, but I get it for free!!! But you really make me want to try the TJ's kind, you make it soung very delicious, and right now I'm thinking about the apple I have sitting in a fruit basket, all alone with the bananas, and I'm thinking I'm going to eat it.. with some PB!