Sunday, September 23, 2007

Down with BC

I'm sure your first thought (at least one of them) after reading my heading was, "what's wrong with British Columbia?" That was my thought this morning while I was running behind a lady who had this printed on the back of her shirt. “Why was I running this morning?” you ask… Today was Portland’s Race for the Cure and I was one of the thousands of people running the race. The shirt makes sense now, doesn’t it? For a brief moment I thought this woman was trying to use the race as her platform to alert the world of BC’s stench….I know, I am slow. I’m sure by now you’ve been able to piece one and two together and have figured out the real meaning of her shirt. Yes, the “BC” stands for “breast cancer” not the Canadian Providence. But then again, who knows, maybe she really does have something against British Columbia.

Other favorite shirts: “Save Boobs” and “Boobs Gone Bad”.

The race went well. I ran with my friend Afton – who has ran a total of six times this last summer…. I must say, being in the situation she was in – she did GREAT! She ran the whole way! I’m pretty convinced if I were in her shoes, I would pass out by the .5 mile mark. It was a nice steady pace – and if I were to run a marathon I would want to keep a pace like that. Though at some points I itched to go faster… But I knew I wasn’t going to catch the Cure – so really, what was the point? (Wyatt always likes to tease me about “catching the cure” – since I’m racing for it). Actually, it's just fun being in the spirit of things - regardless of how fast I run.

This was my second year doing the race. And it has been a great experience both times. However, I think I’m going to throw in the towel. As much of a good cause that it is – I just like having my Sunday’s feel like a Sunday.

Pretending to run (while everyone else is standing).

That's me in the red (and white long sleeve) shirt - with my hands in the air! Approaching the finish line...

If it were "Parallel Park for the Cure" Wyatt would win for sure! The picture doesn't give his superb parking job justice. With a closer look you could see two inches of space in the front and four in the back! Sure it took about 50 point turns to get it but it turned out to be a fine job! That's right - he's my husband! :)


Jeanna said...


Way to go. My Weight watcher leader is trying to get us all to do the run for the cure here in Payson, but I have to admit running sounds very painful to me. The lady said her brother wanted to do a shirt that said, "Save the Breast." I thought it was pretty funny.

Brent and Collette said...

I love the picture of you running when everyone else is looking confused. That is the Britty that I know and love:)

Jake said...

Dang Wyatt. I'm impressed. Nice truck.

Wyatt said...

That's Brittany's bum in by the building behind my truck... Just thaught I'd let the world know.