Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Free Movie

So I don't know if this is a Portland only kind of thing but I thought I'd spread the word anyway.

Regal Cinemas (which is affiliated with United Artists) is having a free movie day tomorrow, Thursday, September 27th. Your job is to bring three non perishable items to the theater for your free entry. I don't remember what the food is for though. Now that I think of it, it might be for the Oregon Food Bank. In which case, it wouldn't work for other states. But you should call your local Regal Theater and check it out anyway...

Wyatt and I are going for an extra long lunch tomorrow. Yeepee!

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AJake said...

I am going to see if they are doing free movies here- thanks for the update.
As for Hero's this week I was not that impressed with the season premier- I hope The Office has a better premier. You should check out their office- they all have individual short videos telling what they did this summer. Kelli's is the funniest. Back to Hero's, it was morbid a lot last season but I think I love being addicted to thrilling t.v. shows.
And as for getting Wyatt to contribute yet alone read the blog. Get him hooked on his own blogs that he might like reading. Jake is a computer geek so he reads Mac blogs. Find something Wyatt likes. Make him read the posts that Jake writes too and then maybe he won't think it is so lame. I thought Jake would make fun of me but now he loves-hahaha.
I will of course write him hate mails in the name of blog loving. I will also make Jake do it. In fact that is what we will do next FHE. Thanks