Saturday, September 8, 2007

Loose Screws

It's April 2007 and my car is making noises. Irritating rattling noises. I've been able to pin down the location of the nuisance to the rear driver's side speaker - it has a loose screw. It is a Saturday and Wyatt is gone executing a forum he has planned for work. I embrace my time alone and decide to experiment with my fix-it handy side. So I tackle the loose screw myself. Not an easy job.... I have to take out my back seats and the back panels only to find that not only do I have a loose screw, but I also am missing some screws. Again, only to find out - I don't have the right size screws. I then drive my half dismantled car to Home Depot to purchase the matching screw. I fix the speakers and try my hardest to reassemble my car. Nothing is fitting into place exactly the way it was. Three hours later - I'm finished with my project. I pat myself on my back and compliment my ability to extinguish the annoying rattling noise.

September 8, 2007 - My car has been making an irritating high squeak noise - similar to cutting glass. This has been going on since we returned from our honeymoon in July. Coincidentally, it is coming from the rear driver's side - again. Wyatt decides to take his turn at tackling the squeak. (Actually, I delegated it to him because I am still exhausted from my project in April). He dismantles everything, fixes the squeak, and has my car back together in one piece under an hour and a half (remember - it took me over three hours). When done, he strolls through the front door and announces that from now on, he will be the one who fixes the cars in our family. Apparently (and I never saw proof of this), I had left a socket stuck to a nut under the paneling and I fitted my speakers with the wrong size screw. That is why my car has been squeaking for the last two and a half months. So I am resigning from auto repair exploration and am letting Wyatt take his throne. I'll just stay in the and pregnant.

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Jeanna said...

I assume by barefoot and pregnant you were speaking metaphorically. Otherwise you are just trying to incite your friends and relatives into calling, emailing or IMing you to find out the truth. Well, I am not biting, if you have REAL news, I expect a call.