Friday, August 3, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 18

 Brittany, age 18.  
This was taken during Thanksgiving break when I visited my mom in Chicago.  She had to work so I traveled with her to her layover in... Cedar Rapids, Iowa!  It smelled like cows and it was a bit disappointing.  Hence, the tongue.  
You'll also notice that my face is a bit fuller.  Yep, that was during my freshmen year of college.  I was not overlooked by the "Freshmen 15".  

Day 18 Festivities: Movies in the Park
And guess what movie they played… Tangled!  I love, love, LOVE that movie!  We saw some teenagers from church and they matter-of-factly pointed out that we were the only adults at the park that didn’t have kids.  It’s true, we were.  But neither of us cared because it was the perfect weather and a good movie – so we had a wonderful time!  Plus Wyatt said if anyone asked us which kids were ours, we’d just tell them that we hadn’t decided yet.

Something about me: I subconsciously hum when I pull an aggressive (i.e. jerky) move while driving.  I don’t know how long I’ve been doing this for but one day I consciously noticed.  It’s the kind of hum that says, “hmm-hmm-hmm, I’m just minding my own business.”  But really I’m not minding my own business, I’m really speeding up to wedge (i.e. cut off) my way into traffic.   

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Josette said...

that picture of you and wyatt is cute. nothin wrong with two carefree adults watching tangled in the park. it's a good show. but where is the grass? don't you live in oregon?