Friday, August 10, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 25

Brittany, age 25.

Day 25 Festivities: Italian soda party
Not just any Italian soda party... an Italian soda party at the swim park!  Which is my favorite summer spot!  We had a great turn out and the little tissue paper parasols were a hit (especially among the kids)!  I had a wonderful time!  The only down side was that I drank too many sodas (just two, which I guess is too many) that I had a belly ache when we got home.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I didn't eat dinner before the party?

Mel and me slurping away

Something about me:  I've always liked my name.  However, I also felt frustrated that it became popular with the group of kids just younger than me.  I was able to stay ahead of the crowd throughout my school career.  Believe it or not, I was never enrolled in a class with another Brittany - K through 12 and even during college.  Never, not even at church.  But now that I've grown up and become an adult, all the younger Brittany's (or Britney's, Brittney's, Britni's, Brittni's, Britknee's, et cetera...) have also become adults and have caught up to me.  There's no more segregation in age.  We're all in the same group - adults.  Argh!  There is currently one Brittany in my ward, and three in the Lake Oswego ward  What?!  The feeling of individuality has been lost.


Anonymous said...

It is still a fine, fine name! And one I loved for 8 years before it became yours. I was glad to have another girl so I could have a "Pretty Little Brittany".

Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

Which translated into "Pretty Little Britty"

Josette said...

if it makes you feel better there aren't any brittanys or britknees(HA!) in our ward. but i was kinda ticked when another charlotte showed up in our ward...luckily they have moved.

Mel said...

That was so fun! Not to mention, delicious! Happy, happy birthday!