Saturday, August 4, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 20

Brittany, age 20.

Day 20 Festivities: Oregon Air Show  Float the river
We bought a Groupon for the Oregon Air Show a few weeks ago.  It was a steal of a deal - four tickets for nine-dollars each!  (General admission at the gate is 25-dollars each.  What?!)  As it turns out, we didn't read the details of the Groupon until today when we discovered the voucher was good for Sunday only.  Argh!  So we thought we'd show-up today anyway and see if they'd offer us a little sympathy and let us attend anyway.  NOPE!  We were turned away, forced to "enjoy" the show on the other side of the fence.  I was so disappointed I thought I might cry.  Wyatt, was not so disappointed and actually quite relieved that we wouldn't be baking in the hot sun watching airplanes.  (If my brothers Schuyler and Harold were with me, they too would've shed a tear.)

Luckily we had made arrangements with our buds Phoebe and David to float the river!  And what a day it was to float the river - it was 99d!  Happy day!  Phoebe told me it was her birthday present to me.  I think it was one of the best birthday presents I've ever received!  Which, I need to give some props here, Phoebe is the whole reason my Thirty Days of 30 are going down.  It was her idea and something she did for herself when she crossed the decade line.  

The day was perfect for the float.  The water, which is typically ice cold, felt refreshing in the hot sun.  And the company was great!  So, so fun!

Something about me: My favorite animal is the panda bear.  I have hundreds of panda bear stuffed animals and a panda bear blanket that appears at bed time every night.  Wyatt named him Pias Panda since he always seems to be praying.  I also really like baby sea otters.  


Anonymous said...

Another apparent revelation that Wyatt is a Wilson and not a Nichols--the air show relief! I think he might have fit in well with the Huggins tribe, too, because when G&G Huggins came to visit us for two weeks when we lived in Virginia, we arranged to take them to the air show at Langley. Silly us! Thinking they, like us, might like standing in the hot sun for the chance to see airplanes streak overhead in the sky. NOT! Jet fuel doesn't course through their veins nor do they thrill to the sheer power and thrust of jet engines.

So, yes, H & S would probably shed a tear or two of disappointement at having to see the show OUTSIDE the fence.

Ninety-nine degrees yesterday! When I got home from Tampa and it was about 83 for the high, I was sooo delighted. Going up again. Very short-lived.

Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say--loved your 20-year old hair at the shoulder. Nice length.

Phoebe said...

What are you talking about? I'm only 29:)

It was a heavenly day to float the river. I was wishing I was back on it this afternoon again...

Josette said...

i wanna float the river!