Monday, August 13, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 28

Brittany, age 28.
This is the year I came down with the flu.  
We bagged our plans and enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

Day 28 Festivities: Open birthday present from my mom
I was going to wait until the big day on Tuesday to open the gift my mom sent me.  But curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see what surprise awaited me today.  My mom knows me well.  She gave me all panda stuff: a cute box with a panda picture, panda stationary, a key chain and the most darling cartoon panda (with dinosaur) t-shirt!  Love it!  Thanks Momma!  

Today was another BONUS ROUND of birthday festivities.  Just as I was on my way to bed, my friend Phoebe texted me that her hubs, David, had made some orange cookies for me - and was it okay if she dropped them off.  It took some convincing but I eventually agreed.  :)  Have you ever had orange cookies?!  They are awesome!!!  And I would know, because remember, I have very strong opinions about cookies. One time we were at the Fillmores and I ate nine orange cookies in one sitting.  Wyatt was sitting next to me the entire time but it wasn't until we drove home and I said something to effect of, "I shouldn't have ate nine cookies", that Wyatt broke out with, "You ate NINE cookies?!!!!"  Who knows where he was?  Thanks Fillmore fam!!!

Something about me: I have had the same reoccurring dream for the past, I dunno, ten-years.  It's the dream where it's finals week of school and I discover that I've been enrolled in, not one but, TWO classes the entire term and NEVER attended class!  The dream has evolved over the years where it has become a dream within a dream.  At the moment I discover I've been enrolled in the classes, I say to myself, "I know this one, it's a dream."  And then I wake up from that dream only to discover that I really was enrolled in two classes that I never attended.  It's quite stressful.  And you'd think after years of being out of school that it'd cease.  Maybe it's sympathy pains for Wyatt?  Another reoccurring dream - waiting tables.  There always seems to be more people to serve than I'm capable of serving.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist the t-shirt--Panda AND cupcakes. It seemed so Britty. Bought it in the junior department. If it doesn't fit or you change your mind, the sales slip is with it.

I personally LOVED the satin bag the keychain was in. I had my pick of a whole rainbow of colors for the complimentary gift bag, but I thought green epitomized something Panda the best.

Love, Momma

Collette said...

I have that same dream!! Crazy. I figured it was because so many times I just skipped class and showed up for the final!!

Josette said...

now orange cookies??!! yum.
ok, so i knew you liked pandas, but i don't think i knew quite the extent of it.