Saturday, August 4, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 19

Brittany, age 19.

Day 19 Festivities: Hunt Club Dressage
There is a picturesque horse stable/arena about a mile and a half from our apartment - The Hunt Club.  Ever since we've lived in the neighborhood I've wanted to attend a horse event there.  The problem, I've seen a horse event advertised once in the last five years.  Not to say there hasn't been more, they're just far and few between.  

Coincidently, the summer intern at my work is a horse rider (is there a formal term for that?) and happened to mention to me that she was going to be competing in a dressage at the Hunt Club!  Hot dog!  So Wyatt and I rode our beach cruisers to the arena and watched her "dance" her pony (his name was Daniel Son).  To be honest, I had no idea what was going on and I was really hoping there would be jumping.  As it turns out, it was kinda boring.  Wyatt thought it was all the way boring.  Luckily it was only 10-minutes and Rachel's (my coworker) mom gave us a step-by-step explanation during the entire presentation.  

I did get to meet Daniel Son at the end of the show.  He let me pet his nose which made me REALLY happy!


Something about me: I love soft fuzzy things.  Like horses' noses.  And more commonly fuzzy blankets and fuzzy stuffed animals.  I have a fuzzy throw blanket on our couch that I love to wrap myself in.  I also have a fuzzy blanket that happens to resemble a certain animal that I love to sleep with at night.  


Anonymous said...

Is your 19th b-day snapshot where I think it was taken?

I would have to agree with Wyatt on this one for boring. But, hey, it was on your list. Now you know you never have to spend another minute re-doing it.

Love, Momma

Phoebe said...

I have always wondered what it was like inside the Hunt Club.

Josette said...

funny that this was on your list. you should have put horse riding on your list instead...more exciting. right? i feel like when i got back from camping yesterday that you were all of a sudden grown up in your growing up pictures. weird. i was like, wait, you skipped some years. but you didn't. hmmm, weird.