Thursday, August 9, 2012

thirty days of 30 - day 24

Brittany, age 24 (roughly).

Day 24 Festivities:  Run with Wyatt followed by eating blackberry pie
Wyatt has taken a recent liking to running.  He's still at the point where he won't let me run with him because (I think) he thinks I am patronizing him.  Which isn't even close to the truth!  So, I thought I'd inconspicuously attempt to run with him after work.  Unfortunately for me, when I got home my neighbor told me that she "just" saw Wyatt leave.  By "just" she must've meant "a while ago" because by the time I rushed inside, threw my running clothes on, and ran out the door to catch him - I was no furuther than two-blocks from our apartment when I found him...on his way home.  Wa-wa-wa....  Wyatt didn't want to run anymore but agreed to walking his route again with me.  Yay! We did run the block closest to our apartment together - just so I could say I ran with Wyatt.  

It was also Grandma Wilson's 88th birthday today!  And in place of cake, we had blackberry pie!  Which is my favorite fruit pie!  YUM!  So I'm counting that as a special day-24 event also.

Something about me:  I love running!  But I'm sure all my bloggy readers already know that.

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Josette said...

the only time i sorta liked to run was with you. those were fine days back then. sniff sniff.